Category: Light Rail

  • Generating Some MAX Savings

    During our discussion with TriMet GM Neil McFarlane, posted last week, one of the ideas discussed was whether operational savings could be generated by closing some MAX stops. We were challenged to generate some ideas here. So here it goes. What MAX stops would you close in the interests of improving travel time and reducing…

  • Anti-LRT petitions being circulated in SW Corridor cities

    The Portland Tribune is reporting that groups in four cities which may be affected by the Southwest Corridor project–Tigard, King City, Tualatin, and Sherwood, have filed initiative petitions with respective city governments. (This was previously mentioned in the open thread; now petitions have been filed). The petitions, if able to collect sufficient numbers of signatures…

  • KBOO Bike Show Special: Active Transportation Mayoral Debate

    We are privileged to have the opportunity to host an audio recording (MP3, 36.6MB) of Monday’s debate. Enjoy!

  • Metro Survey on Active Transportation

    Earlier this year Metro launched an interesting approach to public input in the form of their “Opt In Panel” program, an opportunity to voluntarily register to take surveys on topics of interest/action by the Metro Council. The current survey is on Active Transportation. If you haven’t already joined the program, this might be your moment.

  • Better Trips, Transformational Leadership

    There was a flurry of news on Friday, describing TriMet’s new multi-modal trip planner. There is no question the planner is very cool. The ability to integrate bike and transit trip planning, better pedestrian routing to transit stops, and a myriad a bells and whistles (check out the ‘bike triangle’!) are a great step forward.…