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  • KBOO Bike Show: Podcasting

     Listen to the show (mp3, 26.4MB) Terry and Tori speak with the hosts of several bicycle-flavored podcasts including “We Got to Hang Out” and “The Sprocket Podcast”.

  • Two things for Portlanders to consider while arguing about bike-share service areas

    Bike sharing service areas are problematic in exactly the same way that public transit service areas are problematic. With Portland preparing next week to finally approve a bike sharing system, this problem is back on the city’s mind. It should be. The most important problem in Portland right now is housing affordability, and this is inherently […]

  • Rethinking bus service in Gresham and East County

    This past week, TriMet released its first draft proposal for improved bus service in East County (essentially, anything east of Interstate 205 and north of Mt. Scott).  Like the recently similar proposal for the SW Metro area, the new Eastside Plan is an effort being done in parallel with a rapid transit project (the Powell/Division […]

  • TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” – Interviews

    Portland Transport was invited along with other local media to cover Friday Morning’s TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” press event. During the ride, and just after, we were able to briefly interview TriMet management and public officials, including: Neil McFarlane, General Manager, TriMet Jeff Merkley, US Senator, Oregon (D) Steve Novick, Commissioner, City of Portland […]

  • TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” – A view from the cab

    TriMet held a celebratory press event today, with the first-ever passenger service on the Orange Line and across the new Tilikum Crossing. We were able to conduct interviews with Governor Brown, Senator Merkley, Commissioner Novick, TriMet’s Neil McFarlane and others. Those interviews will be posted tomorrow. For now… A teaser with a bit of transit […]