TriMet Orange Line “First Ride” – A view from the cab

TriMet held a celebratory press event today, with the first-ever passenger service on the Orange Line and across the new Tilikum Crossing.

We were able to conduct interviews with Governor Brown, Senator Merkley, Commissioner Novick, TriMet’s Neil McFarlane and others. Those interviews will be posted tomorrow.

For now… A teaser with a bit of transit geekery: On the return journey from Oak Grove to Downtown Portland, I filmed a view from the operator’s cab of the complete journey. Unfortunately, we weren’t going at full speed much of the time, which would have been really nice to witness. The train slowed for workers along the tracks, and for yellow signals. (There were actually TWO “first ride” trains today. On our initial journey, we rode the first, and on the way back, we rode the second). Total trip time was 25 minutes, but when the line operates in regular service, that time will be approx. 17 minutes Update: 25 minutes, see below from SW 3rd and Lincoln downtown to Park Ave. in Oak Grove.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (August 11, 2015):
The video includes the statement that the trip time when the line opens will be 17 minutes. I have learned that this is incorrect. During the first preview ride, 17 minutes was announced as our trip time, but in fact we had skipped many platforms. It was not an official statement of the final schedule. I have confirmed with TriMet that when the line opens, Park Ave. to PSU will be approx. 25 minutes, including all station dwell times.

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