Category: Activism

  • TriMet continuning to ramp up PR campaign against ATU757

    The other day, Portland Transport reported on the Westside Service Enhancement Plan. While wondering about the funding sources for such an ambitious expansion of service, I did take it seriously as a planning activity–and indeed, there are quite a few good ideas in there that I would love to see implemented. However, in my wonky…

  • Tell the Governor What You Think!

    The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has an action alert to help defend dedicated funding categories for active transportation as ODOT reorganizes its budget. From the Twitterverse: Oregon could loose millions of dollars for #pdxbikes. Take 30 seconds to sign this petition to @GovKitz –

  • 82nd Avenue Transportation Workshop

    From the Active Rights of Way (AROW) mailing list: If you are interested in improving 82nd Avenue, please get this meeting on your calendar; September 24 at 7:00 PM. One of the often mentioned obstacles to improving 82nd Avenue is that it’s under ODOT jurisdiction. Your attendance at this meeting will help give our public…

  • Call to Action for Active Transportation Funding

    The BTA Blog covers the risk to active transportation in the ODOT’s proposed new funding policies. Check it out and contact the Oregon Transportation Commission.

  • THE Class, That’s All I’ll Say

    Every year I enthuse about the value of the PBOT/PSU Traffic and Transportation Class. I’ll restrain myself this year and just say that if you’ve never taken it, sign up NOW. It’s free to citizens taking it on a non-credit basis. NOW.