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Featured Class Project 2007

Each year we feature one presentation from the PSU/PDOT Traffic and Transportation class.

This year our featured presentation is from Cora Potter, who is seeking to take an existing cul-de-sac and turn it into a gateway from the new Green Line Light Rail to the local neighborhood (PDF, 412K).

This idea integrates transit, trail and local street grid connections, and targets land uses that complement the station area and the existing neighborhood.

Let’s hope it gets implemented!

Breeding Activists

One of the perks of publishing this blog is that I get to serve on the panel that reviews the class presentations for the PSU/PDOT Traffic and Transportation class. I’ve blogged frequently about the value of this class in helping train citizen transportation activists and this year’s crop is no less impressive.

As part of the arrangement Portland Transport is the official archive site for the class presentations. Here is this current set:

Later in the week I’ll feature what I thought was one of the most interesting of the projects.

[My apologies for the folks in the class that I’ve taken almost a month to get these up – I’ve been distracted by other projects :-)]

Portland Prius Parade / Protest Post

This came over the transom this week… Unfortunately I will not be able to directly participate as our Prius will be carpooling a group of ASL students to a conference Eugene on Friday…



Media Event

to highlight TOYOTA’s lobbying against fuel efficiency in US Congress.

Time: Friday October 12th, 2007 10:30am-11:30am

Location: Parading from Fred Meyer’s parking lot (NE Wiedler S t. and 32nd Ave) to media event.

We’d love to know that you’re coming!

Please contact Emily Southard to RSVP at or 503-231-4181 x 303.

TOYOTA: moving backward.

Toyota’s actions don’t match their “Green” image:

-Toyota, producer of the Prius, one of the most efficient cars on the road, is actually lobbying against increasing fuel efficiency standards.

-Join the thousands of American consumers who are telling Toyota to drop its efforts to block legislation to increase fuel economy and state laws that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

-It is time for Toyota to earn its reputation as a green company!

(Although I support the concept behind this protest and would likely be participating if the car were available, I have no past history of working with this group and am passing this on as information without directly endorsing it.)

– Bob R.