Breeding Activists

One of the perks of publishing this blog is that I get to serve on the panel that reviews the class presentations for the PSU/PDOT Traffic and Transportation class. I’ve blogged frequently about the value of this class in helping train citizen transportation activists and this year’s crop is no less impressive.

As part of the arrangement Portland Transport is the official archive site for the class presentations. Here is this current set:

Later in the week I’ll feature what I thought was one of the most interesting of the projects.

[My apologies for the folks in the class that I’ve taken almost a month to get these up – I’ve been distracted by other projects :-)]

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  1. Oh jeeze. My images get put up but none of my explanation which I delivered verbally goes along with it.


    My basic “proposal” was to link the neighborhoods and community east of the rail yards to the river and springwater corridor, providing much needed pedestrian and bicycle connectivity that Powell and Holgate do not provide well at all.

    Reality dictates that my idea as such has two very expensive components, the tunnel under 99E and the bridge replacement over the railway.

    But it is just that, an idea – one that I think would make more sense possibly in phases, and holds some potential as they redesign the area around SE 17th with the MAX expansion.

    And before anyone jumps all over the impracticality – remember, it is just an idea from a person who lives, walks, bikes, busses, and yes – even drives – in and out of Brooklyn daily.

    Thanks Chris, for putting these up. Now I wish I had made mine more visually appealing. :)

    In any event, the class was wonderful and I highly recommend it.

  2. I get the idea. I lived in Brooklyn for a few years myself, so I know what you’re talking about.

    You might be interested to know that at one of the Milwaukie Light Rail open houses/workshops, when it was mentioned that the Holgate overpass over the Brooklyn Yard isn’t really a good route for bicyclists but a lot of people use it because their only other option is the usually homeless-people-filled Powell underpass, that I suggested that perhaps a new bike/ped only crossing be built coming out onto Center St. I have no clue how it would be funded, or if this is a consideration they decided to consider further or not.

  3. John,

    The Brooklyn Action Corps board would love for you to come to one of our meetings and talk more about your proposal.

    Jenn, we would like to hear from you as well.

    We have several bike and pedestrian projects in the works, and are anxious to get more started. The tunnel under McLoughlin is a long-term goal of ours, but probably won’t happen until this portion of McLoughlin is rebuilt in the far future. Other portions of your plan could be included with the upcoming MAX light rail project.

    Lets talk.
    Lance Lindahl
    Chair, Brooklyn Action Corps

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