Portland Prius Parade / Protest Post

This came over the transom this week… Unfortunately I will not be able to directly participate as our Prius will be carpooling a group of ASL students to a conference Eugene on Friday…



Media Event

to highlight TOYOTA’s lobbying against fuel efficiency in US Congress.

Time: Friday October 12th, 2007 10:30am-11:30am

Location: Parading from Fred Meyer’s parking lot (NE Wiedler S t. and 32nd Ave) to media event.

We’d love to know that you’re coming!

Please contact Emily Southard to RSVP at esouthard@greencorps.org or 503-231-4181 x 303.

TOYOTA: moving backward.

Toyota’s actions don’t match their “Green” image:

-Toyota, producer of the Prius, one of the most efficient cars on the road, is actually lobbying against increasing fuel efficiency standards.

-Join the thousands of American consumers who are telling Toyota to drop its efforts to block legislation to increase fuel economy and state laws that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

-It is time for Toyota to earn its reputation as a green company!

(Although I support the concept behind this protest and would likely be participating if the car were available, I have no past history of working with this group and am passing this on as information without directly endorsing it.)

– Bob R.

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