Tell the Governor What You Think!

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has an action alert to help defend dedicated funding categories for active transportation as ODOT reorganizes its budget.

From the Twitterverse:

Oregon could loose millions of dollars for #pdxbikes. Take 30 seconds to sign this petition to @GovKitz

7 responses to “Tell the Governor What You Think!”

  1. Dear Governor,
    Mandatory lights, bells and helmets for bicyclists. Taxes from their sale would go into the fund.

  2. Why do cyclists need mandatory bells? I prefer to call out “passing on the left”, as a bell doesn’t indicate any intended action.

    Lights are already required by state law.

    Mandatory helmet laws do not work, and they discourage cycling, which would conflict with the City of Portland goal to increase the number of cyclists. Driving is the number on cause of death among the non-elderly in our state, often times due to head injuries. Should we require helmets for car drivers as well?

  3. I certainly wish Oregon would “loose” millions for bikeways. If, however, we “lose” the money, not so good.

    Guess this tweet works both ways.

  4. Didn’t take a lot of time to read the study, but it seems to say that slower, rec. type cyclists are less likely to wear headgear, thus would be discouraged from cycling by a burdensome law.

    Is this born out in real experience in our area? I think there are a lot of mid speed cyclists who don’t wear helmets, and these are the ones that tend to bother me, if one should run into you.

    Besides, do you know the IQ of Norwegians? They may not need helmets in the first place. Jus wondring : )

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