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Doritos Open Thread

It’s now October, and for some reason, there seems to be a run on tortilla chips down at the convenience store.  :)

Orange Line Open(ing) Thread

Tomorrow the Orange Line opens.  TriMet will be free for the day, and to tell you the truth, I don’t remember this much pomp and circumstance for the Green or Yellow lines.  (The Red Line opening festivities, of course, were cancelled by 9/11).

But since TriMet is throwing a party, it only makes sense to compare and contrast the Orange Line with Bridgeport’s Orange Line IPA:



Bridgeport Orange Line IPA TriMet Orange Line
Made with hops. Will not accept Hop until 2017
Fortunately not brewed in Milwaukee Runs to Milwaukie
$4 for 22oz at the grocery store; no all-day option $2.50 for 2 1/2 hours, $5 all day.
Can get you drunk Good way to get home if you are
American beer has caught up to Germany in quality American public transportation, sadly, has not.
Last call at 2:30 AM Last train at 1AM
“Dry-hopped with Lemondrop hops for aroma…” Smells like beer. :)

On a more serious note….

  • Our good friends over at Bike Portland are celebrating their tenth birthday.
  • The Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) is supporting the proposal to not expand the UGB in 2015, albeit in a split decision.
  • In somewhat related news (I say somewhat as new suburban single-family home construction is not a substitute for urban apartment buildings), the Portland Mercury reports that mass no-cause evictions (wherein a landlord evicts all the tenants in a lower-income building; does some remodeling, and then remarkets the premises to a higher-income clientele) are on the rise.
  • And The Oregonian notes that Ballot Measure 47/50, which reset property tax assessments back to 1996 levels (including for new developments) has a disparate impact on the poor–as residential real estate in gentrified areas is effectively taxed well below its market value.
  • While Portland continues to ponder bike share, The Transport Politic takes a look at the system being built in LA, which has several novel and important attributes:  It is run by the transit agency (Metro), not by a municipal public works department; and it focuses on the job of last-mile service–many bikeshares are located at transit centers, and your transit ticket lets you “transfer” to bike and vice versa.

Hot as Heck Open Thread

Not the thread, the weather.

Women’s World Cup Open Thread

Team USA will be playing in the women’s World Cup final this weekend, including a few members of the Portland Thorns.  A few local notes:

  • TriMet is banning vaping and therapy dogs, with a few exceptions.  Vaping and e-cigs are to be treated like tobacco, and only licensed and trained assistance dogs (seeing-eye dogs and such) will be allowed on TriMet vehicles, unless in a pet carrier.  Animals whose only purpose is companionship will be no longer allowed without being secured.
  • More photo-radar may be coming to Portland, as an Oregon House bill authorizing an expansion of the program (and allowing unmanned vehicles–under current law, photo radar vans must have an officer present) has made it out of committee.
  • Jarrett Walker notes that many transit agencies have greatly reduced bus service in the past decade or so, not all of it attributable to the Great Recession, despite an increase in demand.  On the other hand, TriMet is considering an increase in the payroll tax (which the Legislature has authorized) to help pay for new bus service, as outlined in the various service enhancement plans.
  • TriMet explains how the Orange Line will operate, and why it’s not being called the Yellow Line even though most Orange and Yellow trains convert to the other color upon reaching the Transit Mall, and provide through north-south service.
  • Oregon today launched a pilot project for a pay-per-mileage vehicle tax as an alternate to the gas tax.