Class of 2015

A personal highlight for me each year is the opportunity to serve on the panel reviewing presentations for the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation Class. I look forward to seeing the work of each new crop of advocates and this year is no exception!

  • Debra Monzon (PDF 1M) is looking for ways to make Thorburn Street (a key route to the north of Mount Tabor) safe from speeding traffic that threatens both pedestrians and houses
  • William Henderson (PDF 1M) has an interesting idea to use development-driven transportation studies as a way to fund building out key bikeways
  • Adam Herstein (PDF 214K) has a proposal for a city-wide network of cycletracks providing access to business districts
  • Matthew Anderson (PDF 495K) wants to enhance the intersection of Alberta and MLK with artistic crosswalks to make the neighborhood more permeable to pedestrians
  • Susie Younie (PDF 646K) hopes to make the traffic circle at SW Jefferson and 18th both safer and a better asset for her neighborhood

Well done, all!

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