People Unclear on the Concept



Yes, that’s a Car2Go in a ZipCar-only space. I believe if it stays there more than 15 minutes, a black hole forms…

4 responses to “People Unclear on the Concept”

  1. I can see the mistake. The signage isn’t exactly clear, is it?

    Carsharing companies are starting to run into the problems which anyone subject to network effects runs into. They benefit from central planning and monopoly management. This is best done by government.

  2. It’s definitely confusing to the uninitiated. When I first saw “car-sharing” spaces, I thought they were like car-pool spaces — priority spaces reserved for folks who arrived via a preferred mode.

    It’s almost as though the sign should say: “Parking reserved for Zipcar ‘Clara’ (Blue Civic, DMH 771) only.”

    As it stands, there’s nothing about these signs that makes it clear that these spaces are reserved for one particular car, not just ANY car sharing car (like Car2Go, U-Haul Car Share, Getaround, other Zipcars…).

  3. From personal experience, it’s also an expensive ticket. Upwards of $400 when you consider the city parking ticket plus towing fee, not to mention Car2Go’s processing fees.

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