Category: Carsharing

  • People Unclear on the Concept

      Yes, that’s a Car2Go in a ZipCar-only space. I believe if it stays there more than 15 minutes, a black hole forms…

  • What’s Car Sharing Doing to Auto Sales?

    A lot, according to this Planetizen piece (linking to the original Wall Streetcar Journal article, which is behind a paywall). One estimate is that 500,000 less cars have been sold in the last 7 years because of the availability of car sharing services. How many parking spaces does that save?

  • Car Sharing Going Mainstream?

    Avis just bought Zipcar. If the major car rental companies feel like they need a car-sharing presence (Hertz and Enterprise already have one), does this signal a shift in how car sharing is perceived?

  • Would You Like Some Car Sharing with Your Transit?

    Maybe we’ll now have to rename it the mobility appliance, but you can now show the nearest car2go vehicles on your transit appliance. If you’d like to add this to your configuration, get in touch! Now when are we getting bike sharing, and will it have a web service?

  • Car-sharing and the RAND corporation.

    Today, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post highlighted a RAND Corporation report claiming that car-sharing cuts back very little on energy consumption. One major flaw in the analysis: The conclusion is based on the principle that most car-share users are non-car-owners who already drive infrequently–fair enough. It then poses the hypothetical about 20% of the…