Hack on the Transit Appliance Next Week

Last week I mentioned that TriMet had released a set of upgraded APIs.

Now it looks like I’ll get a chance to play with them – and I hope you’ll join me!

I’ve been asked to lead a session on the new APIs at next week’s TriMet Hackathon. Skip Newberry, President of the Technology Association of Oregon will be my co-leader. And we’re going to use it as an opportunity to improve the Transit Appliance.

My hope is that within the session we’ll be able to:

  1. Upgrade Transit Appliance to use the new v2 arrivals service, including handling all the new arrival statuses (like delayed arrivals)
  2. Incorporate new detour information from the API to show detour information in the crawl at the bottom of the appliance screen

I’ll bring along some Transit Appliance hardware so we can show our results in real time at the end of the event. I’m hoping some of you JavaScript folk will come out and join me (and we’ll have ways for folks with other skills to help too!). Registration is free!

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