Primary Election results affecting land use/transit

While Portland Transport didn’t cover the primary election, there were some issues and offices with a direct impact on transit/land use:  All election returns are unofficial at the time of this writing, but the races have been called by local media:

  • Milwaukie voters narrowly passed a measure to finance the city’s contribution to Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail.
  • An attempt by conservative activists to install two more conservatives on the Clackamas County Commission (after electing two conservatives in 2012 on an anti-density platform) failed, as incumbents Paul Savas and Jim Bernard both win re-election.  (Speaking of conservative Clackamas County commissioners, Tootie Smith wins the GOP primary election for the Fifth Congressional District, and will face Democratic incumbent Kurt Schrader in the fall).
  • In the city of Damascus, there will be a run-off election between two competing comprehensive plans, neither garnering a majority.
  • In Washington County, three incumbent commissioners defeat a slate of pro-environmentalist challengers, including former congresswoman Elizabeth Furse.
  • Metro President Tom Hughes, and councilors  Carlotta Collette, Kathryn Harrington and Shirley Craddick all win re-election, the latter three running unopposed.  This will be Hughes’ and Harrington’s final term due to term limits.

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