Be Careful What You Wish For

The Columbia River Crossing took another PR hit this week, with the revelation that by not relying on Washington State to collect the bridge tolls, ODOT will need to invest north of $50M to create a sophisticated tolling system.

Now not too many people are more anxious than I am to see that the CRC not get built to ODOT’s current plan. But I still think we want to be a little careful about how we defeat it.

I for one, WANT ODOT get good a tolling, because managing our transportation system effectively in the not-very-distant future is going to require it. So we can be outraged about ODOT’s late disclosure of this issue, but let’s be careful not to tar the tolling technology and capability itself with the same brush.

I feel the same way about counting on anti-transit activists in Clark County to help stop the project. There are plenty of good reasons to rethink this project, let’s not get too enthusiastic about the bad reasons…

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