Open Thread for the Week of 9/15/13

A few tidbits to start the conversation:

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  1. Hi everyone! I would like getting to know about any words about articulated buses? separately, and electric trolleybuses? Please let me know! Thanks. Thumb up !!!

  2. The above article deserves more of a description than ‘short article’

    The glaring exception is Portland, Oregon, where one study found that streetcars did contribute $778 million in local development against a project cost of $95 million [PDF]. But while the Portland streetcar was the anchor or at least the featured element of this growth, it wasn’t responsible for this boom by itself. Rather, it was part of a broader development plan in which zoning, public-private investment, street upgrades, and other renewal efforts also played considerable roles.

    So for now, the research advantage clearly goes to BRT

  3. Read the very thoughtful comments on the Streetcar vs BRT article cited above. Its “apples to oranges” in my view. I notice that over 13K times every day someone boards Streetcar here in Portland, more than all but two bus lines, so it must be doing something! As Lloyd and Central Eastside get built out and the Loop is completed, ridership will really take off. But it should be free…underwritten by parking meters in lieu of fares and by TriMet…at the same ratio as average Frequent Bus lines.

  4. The Zombie-CRC clears another minor hurdle, when the Washington State AG concludes that Oregon can legally build an operate a bridge on Washington soil without any Legislative approval, so long as Washington funds are not used.

    ~~~>As you can see the folks in Washington State are not as stupid as some people thought they were

  5. “””Read the very thoughtful comments on the Streetcar vs BRT article cited above. Its “apples to oranges” in my view.”””

    ~~~~> Of course you think that! I knew that already!

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