Category: Open Threads

  • Doritos Open Thread

    It’s now October, and for some reason, there seems to be a run on tortilla chips down at the convenience store.  :) The Metro Council has voted to advance the Powell/Division project, and in a separate matter, has passed out some early Halloween candy. Portland’s affordable housing shortage has suddenly become a big story. TriMet […]

  • Orange Line Open(ing) Thread

    Tomorrow the Orange Line opens.  TriMet will be free for the day, and to tell you the truth, I don’t remember this much pomp and circumstance for the Green or Yellow lines.  (The Red Line opening festivities, of course, were cancelled by 9/11). But since TriMet is throwing a party, it only makes sense to […]

  • Fireworks Extravaganza Open Thread

    As part of a larger project I’m working on for Portland Streetcar, I had the opportunity to film the fireworks event last Saturday. Here’s the complete fireworks show: “On Saturday evening, August 22nd, 2015, TriMet presented a fireworks display in celebration of the upcoming opening of the Tilikum Crossing – Bridge of the People in […]

  • Hot as Heck Open Thread

    Not the thread, the weather. Bike Portland reports on a new parking proposal from the City of Portland, on how to deal with the issue of tenants in no-parking-provided apartments consuming on-street parking in single-family neighborhoods:  Neighborhoods could vote to create parking districts (encompassing the single-family-zoned areas); if established, then parking permits would be required […]

  • Women’s World Cup Open Thread

    Team USA will be playing in the women’s World Cup final this weekend, including a few members of the Portland Thorns.  A few local notes: TriMet is banning vaping and therapy dogs, with a few exceptions.  Vaping and e-cigs are to be treated like tobacco, and only licensed and trained assistance dogs (seeing-eye dogs and […]