Open Thread for the week of 9/1/2013

We’re starting a new custom of a weekly open thread, rather than monthly.

A few news items for the week:

  • September is here, which means the kids go back to school, and TriMet service changes take effect.  Most of these were discussed previously; the good news is that this year brings a few modest service increases, rather than cuts.  The most noticeable changes:  The 47 no longer runs to Sunset TC; instead it connects Hillsboro TC, through Amberglen, past the new Kaiser Westside hospital, through Bethany, and ends at PCC Rock Creek.  And in southwest, the 94 is being converted to an all-day express route between Sherwood and Portland; a new route, the 93, runs between Sherwood and Tigard TC.
  • Metro recently passed out project grants, to the tune of $4 million.
  • In another evidence of zombie activity, the states of Oregon and Washington have agreed to a mitigation plan for shippers upstream of the Columbia River Crossing–apparently, a lack of Washington State funding for the project is insufficient to stop it from its never-ending desire to devour brainstax dollars.
  • Lane Transit District director Ron Kilcoyne with a guest post at human transit.

The blog engine and format may be different, but the rules for the open thread are the same–anything relevant to the site’s mission is welcome!  (And as always, keep it civil and polite).

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