The ArrivalStar Patent is Dead

As a provider of arrivals displays, Portland Transport is a happy organization today.

(No, we never got sued – the lawsuits seem to have been limited to the providers of the web services and arrival estimates.)

4 responses to “The ArrivalStar Patent is Dead”

  1. Chris, there were a number of transit properties that were sued for using those services. After all, those are the deepest pockets for Patent Trolls. And, of course, some of those transit properties had already settled with ArrivalStar.

  2. I’d be careful still though Chris. They settled which means Arrival Star can still sue, because APTA didn’t push all the way through the patent wasn’t made invalid, they can still sue private companies, but not public transit agencies. This is my understanding from the articles I’ve read on the issue.

    • Yup, I’m aware of the limits of the agreement and will exercise due caution.

      Although I hope that having signed TriMet’s developer agreement may create enough nexus to offer some protection.

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