Inaccessible Accessibility: low-income households and barriers to the “new American dream”

Speaker: Arlie Adkins, PhD Candidate in Urban Studies, PSU

Topic: Inaccessible Accessibility: Low-Income Households and Barriers to the “New American Dream”

In many ways, the resurgence in demand for housing in highly accessible and walkable neighborhoods can be viewed as a triumph of planning and policy efforts to reinvest in walkable urban neighborhoods that support active travel. However, increased demand has resulted in price premiums that can make location-efficient housing choices more difficult for low-income households. This research uses data from a survey of recent movers in six U.S. cities, including Portland, to explore the extent to which households of different economic means are able to choose housing locations that match their accessibility and transportation preferences.

When: Friday, June, 7, 12-1 p.m.

Where: PSU Urban Center Building, SW 6th and Mill, Room 204

Portland State University
Spring 2013 Friday Transportation Seminar Series

One response to “Inaccessible Accessibility: low-income households and barriers to the “new American dream””

  1. Well, my gosh, I thought building micro apartments in the urban core was going to bring the rental rates down? I must have missed something. Bob R., how long does this Great Price Correction take? Or what length of indebtedness to the corporate homebuilders is a body going to have? Are 40’s going to be the new 30 (year-fixeds)?

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