April 2013 Open Thread

It’s tax month again…

  • Be sure to read our feature on the new Portland Hayride project.
  • Fares on LIFT are going up. This is a previously-announced fare increase, one that was not scheduled to take effect until this month.
  • ODOT is looking for ways to make Mt. Hood more multimodal (H/T to Bike Portland).
  • C-TRAN will start televising the meetings of its Board of Directors
  • Some interesting history on the steamships that used to ply the Willamette in the 19th Century
  • The Willamette Shoreline will once again host excursion trains starting this summer.
  • Metro, and the State of Oregon, are increasing pressure on local governments to reduce driving, in order to meet state vehicle emissions goals. This, of course, is rather unpopular in some parts of town…

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