March 2013 Open Thread

Your March open thread.

  • ODOT will be inspecting MAX lines, after ATU757 provided KOIN-TV with pictures of rails (allegedly) in a state of disrepair.
  • While Portland has been building out its rail system, most “missed connections” (of a romantic nature) in the Pacific Northwest appear to be on the bus.
  • Metro is looking for feedback on recent proposed amendments to the 2035 RTP (Regional Transportation Plan)
  • Bike Portland wonders, as the CRC lumbers along, why 1000 Friends, the Sierra Club, and other environmental organizations (many of whom are on record as opposing the project) are sitting on the sidelines–the scuttlebutt is that Salem powerbrokers have informed these organizations that to publicly oppose the CRC is to jeopardize the remainder of their agenda. (Right-wing opposition to the CRC is far less constrained).
  • Willamette Week profiles Patricia McCaig, an adviser to Gov. John Kitzhaber and top CRC advocate–and whose salary is not paid by the State of Oregon, but by CRC contractor David Evans and Associates.

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