More CRC fun and games

In an apparent reversal from campaign promises made to environmentalists, Portland mayor Charlie Hales is now supporting the Columbia River Crossing–albeit with a few reservations (he called it a “work in progress that needs more refinement”).

Hales also cautioned the anti-LRT petitioners in Clark County that “The CRC without LRT is DOA”.

In related news, the Willamette Week reports that folks running the CRC have decided to go forward with asking the Coast Guard to approve a 116′ bridge height–higher than the 95′ height that was originally specified in the FEIS, but lower than what would be needed by a few industrial river users. The WW also suggests that the Obama Administration may order the USCG to approve the bridge at that height, and that upstream river users have have their concerns mollified with a check.

And finally–the Clackamas County Commission, bless their hearts, is set to pass a resolution opposing the CRC. Prior to the conservative takeover of the county board, the County had previously expressed skepticism over the project; particularly the concern that tolls on the new span would shift more regional traffic onto I-205, a significant part of which passes through Clackamas County.

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