A Little Transit Appliance Press

This morning’s Portland Tribune has an article about our Transit Appliance project.

It features the unit at the Streetcar Bistro & Taproom!

2 responses to “A Little Transit Appliance Press”

  1. Nice article. It’s great to see you getting some credit and publicity, and the point about enhancing business for places transit access is a very good one.

  2. I really wish you would spin this off to it’s own project…it’s relevancy to your blog is muddled in many ways and I am sick of hearing about it…meanwhile I see Seattle Transit Blog reporting on stories about Vancouver, WA that are totally be missed by Portland Transport, I have to say I frustrated that this has gone from being the go to guide on updates about about portland transit and transportation in such a professional way to being the a blog to peddle personal projects in such a amateur way…

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