KBOO Bike Show – Riding as Profession

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We’re talking to professionals again – this time, professional bike riders. Our listeners can probably picture the bike messengers – the lean, fast couriers with a big bag slung over their backs, zipping around downtown delivering documents. But these days, a much wider range of goods is being delivered by bike, in Portland and in other US cities.

We’re interviewing a few of the people involved in bicycle delivery here in Portland:

  • Mike Cobb is a cargo bike mechanic and former cargo delivery biker
  • Michael Hannah owns The Mattress Lot, where on sunny days they have been known to deliver a mattress or two by bike
  • Jenn Dederich works for Portland Pedal Power, a bicycle concierge service for downtown offices
  • Jed Lazar is the founder and owner of SoupCycle, which delivers organic soup by bicycle to homes and offices

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