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  • KBOO Bike Show: Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways and Cargo Bikes

    Listen to the show (26 MB) In the first half of the show Alon speaks with journalist Dan Shryock, author of Cycling Across Oregon: Stories, Surprises & Revelations Along the State’s Scenic Bikeways. In the second half Nedra’s guest is Jim Gregory of Iowa’s Bikes At Work, a company “devoted to providing bicycle-powered products and services to help…

  • KBOO Bike Show: Some Cycling History

    Listen to the show (25 MB) In the first half of the show Alon speaks with  journalist and editor Lynne Tolman, director of the Major Taylor Association, dedicated to the life and legacy of the early African American cycling champion. In the second half our guest is BYU Associate Dean and Professor Corry Cropper, co-author of…

  • KBOO Bike Show: Belgium to D.C.

    Listen to the show (23 MB) Alon interviews Belgian children’s book author Gunter Segers about his non-fiction book Hélène Dutrieu, de vrouw die door de Olympia vloog (Hélène Dutrieu, the woman who flew through the Olympia) about pioneering cycling champion, stunt rider and aviator Hélène Dutrieu. Nedra speaks with Elliott Caldwell of the East Coast…

  • KBOO Bike Show: Scooters and Skateboards

    Listen to the show (25 MB) This month’s show focuses on two other forms of micromobility. Alon talks with Portlander Rocks Zayda,  Spanish language translator and tutor, who rides a scooter. In the second half Nedra speaks with Max, activist and  program director at Atlanta’s non-profit Village Skatepark ATL. 

  • KBOO Bike Show: Activism and Community in Toronto and Portland

    Listen to the show (26 MB) Alon speaks with Yvonne Bambrick, Toronto community activist and author of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide. In the second half, Nedra interviews Armando Luna, a mainstay of the Portland cycling community