December 2012 Open Thread

Time once again to pass out the candy and coal.

  • Relations between TriMet and the ATU aren’t getting any better. As the current contract (finally finalized just a few months ago by the ERB) expires at the end of November–most likely by the time you read this–it’s now time to negotiate the next contract; and the ATU boycotted a work session scheduled for today. TriMet calls this a delay tactic. At issue is to what level negotiations shall be conducted openly–the ATU wants a public process (with the public able to attend), and TriMet wishes to limit outside attendance to certain members of the press. The agency and union have been issuing a series of duelling press releases on the topic (most of which I won’t dignify with a link), and it appears that even this issue will be decided in arbitration, after which work on the actual contract can begin. TriMet has released publicly an initial offer, which requests further concessions from union members, primarily around health care benefits. Joseph Rose has more.
  • A bit more progress on the SW Corridor: A new draft of the Barbur Concept Plan summary report is available, and Metro has released a public outreach tool on the SW Corridor.
  • December is the last month to use old TriMet tickets without the foil strip; starting in 2013 they will no longer be accepted as valid fare on TriMet.
  • A survey reveals that if the new CRC is built and is tolled, 2/3 of motorists who presently use the Interstate Bridge would use the new crossing less often; with many of those trips shifting to the Glenn Jackson Bridge (and less than 10% expressing a willingness to shift to transit).
  • Jarrett Walker will be offering a course on transit network design, with sessions being held here in Portland, as well as in Washington DC.

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