A Very Healthy Transit Appliance

Our latest, in the Whitaker Street foyer of the OHSU Center for Health and Healing in South Waterfront (at the base of the tram).


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  1. Perfect timing. The streetcar is going to move it’s dwell to another stop (by the Matisse, if I recall), so riders will have more need for this information.

    Moving the dwell to a different stop is terribly ill-considered, in my opinion. The streetcar usually arrives at the CHH with at most 2 or 3 riders but leaves nearly full. Instead of sitting there for 5 or 6 minutes (or more) and letting at least 2 tram-loads of passengers board over that period in an orderly fashion, everyone is going to be loading at once. Plan on some amount of disorder as riders jockey for seats.

    It also means that the streetcar drivers/captains/pilots won’t be able to get off the streetcar & take a break at the CHH. I wonder what the Union says about this.

    Anyone know why this change is being made? Did OHSU request it?

    Interestingly, The Matisse announced this week that they are converting 16,000(?) sq ft of ground floor retail into more (19?) apartments, so there will be even less potential reason for people to go to that part of the South Waterfront. (I say “potential” because the retail space has never been occupied.)

  2. The intent was always to dwell at the end of the line at Lowell. But there was no break facility, so we used OHSU instead. The new REACH building on Lowell has a break facility that Streetcar has contracted to use.

    And yes, we pushed to get the display up in time for the change in dwell location.

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