August 2012 Open Thread

While the Summer Games are in full swing ‘cross the pond, it is time for another open thread.

  • There was much consternation in London over the creation of “Olympic lanes”–reserved lanes on major thoroughfares for Olympics VIPs. Many are being deactivated by city authorities due to under-use.
  • This the last month under the current fare scheme and schedule. The new fare system goes into effect on September 1, and the new schedule the day after that. Unexpired 1-2 zone tickets will require a 40c upgrade if used between September 1 and December 31, and will be no longer honored after that. Unused all-zone tickets will still be honored– expect a run on 30-day passes at the end of August. :)
  • Speaking of TriMet, they want you to know they posted record ridership in FY12, with 102 million riders, better than their best pre-recession year. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into record-high levels of service.
  • Since I’m busy linking to TriMet press releases, I should also mention that TriMet also got an additional $5M to buy new busses, allowing them to accelerate their replacement program.
  • Voters in metro Atlanta have turned down funding for a major expansion of the region’s public transit system.

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