CRC Slips a Year

One of our correspondents attending the meeting at the Columbia River Crossing oversight committee at the Oregon Legislature reports that WSDOT officials said multiple times that construction would start at the “end of 2014”.

While it was not acknowledged as such, that represents a year delay in previously communicated schedules.

4 responses to “CRC Slips a Year”

  1. We’ve always been at war with Oceania. The CRC construction was always going to start at the end of 2014.

  2. If the NNE Quadrant project gets the green light, could that date be moved back a couple of years? At least.

  3. There is no money for the N/NE freeway widening project. ODOT is loosing money every day. It needs to cut staff by about 10%, focus on maintenance, and give up its highway expansion dreams.

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