We’re Number 10!

Transit service is a painful topic right now, but we might want to take a second to remember that relative to a lot of other places, we’re still in a pretty good place (but will never be complacent).

The good folks at WalkScore have released a ranking of major metros by their aggregate TransitScore – and Portland comes in at a very respectable #10 nationally (as reported by GeekWire).

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4 responses to “We’re Number 10!”

  1. Almost as telling as the cities on this list are the cities _not_ on this list. How many people in the nation live in cities with no realistic transit access to speak of?

    Noticably absent are the mid-south and deep-south. Nothing at all from Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, or Louisiana.

    However, I find it impressive that Texas had 4 make the list. California unsurprisingly led with 5. Ohio Scored two which is good for the midwest.

    Perhaps, though, even more telling than the top 25 is how _quickly_ the scores drop. The top 10 gets us all the way down to 50, while the 25th best score in the country is only a 23!

  2. Worse than Miami? Really? Ever been to Miami? They must have made some HUGE improvements since I was there last.

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