More Reflections on car2go

Now that car2go has been in operation for a few weeks, I’ve had a chance to use it a handful of times and have some additional observations.

There’s also been more than a little chatter on the interwebs among transportation advocates that car2go makes it too convenient to use a car!

In my own use, I found it mostly competing with transit. The cases where I’ve found myself looking at the iPhone app to find a car are when I’ve planned to use transit, but the next vehicle is more than 10 minutes away. In one case I did rent a car.

I suspect that if you’re already car free (or the member of a one-car household like me, without immediate access to the family vehicle) car2go DOES compete with transit and cycling.

In general, the ‘sustainability win’ for car sharing is that it makes it more likely that your household will give up a car (or not buy one to start with). From that perspective, I think that having car2go in the mix may very well encourage more folks to go car-lite or car-free.

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Don’t do this with your car2go

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The ‘parking advantage’ has also been interesting. It’s terrific not to have to worry about meters, time limits or residential-only zones, but there is only a slight advantage in manifesting parking spaces (the car does fit in some spaces smaller than an average sedan could get into). So I still found myself driving around looking for spaces. It’s very frustrating to be circling the block at 35 cents per minute!

The other question I’ve seen around the net is whether you can take advantage of the small vehicle size and park perpendicular to the curb. The short answer is no, the car2go documentation says not to:

Vehicles parked in curbside spaces must be parallel
parked unless the location specifically requires
perpendicular or angle parking.

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