KBOO Bike Show: Professional Drivers

Listen to the show (mp3, 26.7MB)

Interviewing professional drivers, including Ralph Kerbs from TriMet; Jackson Cafazzo who drives a taxi for Radio Cab; and Zach Wiley who drives a truck for the US Postal Service.


2 responses to “KBOO Bike Show: Professional Drivers”

  1. Drive to work in PDX after dark every night usually around 11PM. Cannot count numerous times I have almost hit bike people with no lights, reflectors, black & non reflective clothing who run against the lights or ride in the middle of the road. Miracle I haven’t hit one. Please make
    bike people aware of our side, see many near misses usually at least once a week. I like PDX being biker friendly but hard to not get hostile
    feelings toward these people w/no attempt to follow street signs, lights & who can’t be seen at

  2. Fun eh?
    Not so sure I would agree with that.

    But I like the book idea, and he talks about being able to re-create the actual experiences of the people that you have met ‘along the way’.

    Well, some of us have accumulated much better notes than others for that purpose.

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