Employee Relations Board paddles TriMet’s bottom–again

Things don’t appear to going well for TriMet in its ongoing labor dispute–at all. In a blistering 8-page order, the state Employee Relations Board (ERB) once again ruled that TriMet’s recent offer in the ongoing contract negotiations constitutes an attempt to introduce a new issue into the bargaining process at the last minute, and as such is an Unfair Labor Practice. The remedy ordered by the Board is essentially that TriMet’s arbitration offer must contain the same language as the prior (and expired) contract, and that furthermore, TriMet’s freezing of wages at the expiration of the prior contract, without continuing the Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) provided by that contract, was unlawful–TriMet is ordered to provide back pay to union operators to compensate for the difference in wages going back to 2011.

ATU 757 gloats here.

At this point, I do not know whether or not the recent round of budget cuts (and service reductions and fare hikes) anticipated this result, or if this will require another round of bloodletting to balance the books.

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