CRC Not Starting Construction in 2013

A Willamette Week blog post has a quote from Washington State Secretary of Transportation Paula Hammond confirming what we all knew…

So how much longer do we have to pay $1M/month to keep this turkey going?

4 responses to “CRC Not Starting Construction in 2013”

  1. Are we really paying 1$ Million/month to keep it going? what is that money going towards? Now that we’ve got the FEIS isn’t it basically shelved until construction?

  2. isn’t it basically shelved until construction?

    Well, let’s see. That would require laying off the project manager who just got hired to provide “strong leadership”. And it would mean breaking up the project team. I’m sure they’re going to find “pre-construction” activities to keep busy, and keep the money faucet dripping.

  3. I would do _everything_ they currently do PLUS sweep/mop the floors of the office for only $100,000 a month. I would make the sacrifice – just to save the tax-payers money ($900,000 a month!!!). It’s how I roll.

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