Gregoire Fails to Embrace CRC

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire outlined a 10-year transportation package in her state-of-the-state address, and did not include the Columbia River Crossing.

Evan Manvel gives the details at Blue Oregon.

4 responses to “Gregoire Fails to Embrace CRC”

  1. Also in the news, the Vancouver WA news site reports on the activities of the Smarter Bridge Committee, a coalition opposed to the current CRC (which, unfortunately, calls the “Columbia River Crossing Light Rail project”), a group which includes such personalities as Bob Stacey, Mitch Greenlick, Evan Manvel, and John Charles.

  2. Fails to embrace? Hope you’ll correct your headline. Here’s the beginning of the section on new transportation projects:

    “Even in these hard times, Connecting Washington recommended a minimum $21 billion in investments for our vital economic corridors.

    “These projects — and more — demand serious attention: the Columbia River Crossing, Spokane’s North-South Corridor, Snoqualmie Pass, Route 167 between Tacoma and Puyallup, the 40-mile I-405 corridor, a new 144-car ferry and Interstate 5 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.”

    How is that “fails to embrace?”

  3. Its one thing to give “serious attention” and another to “embrace” or at least so it says in my lexicon of love.

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