October 2011 Open Thread

It’s getting close to trick or treat time. Which of the items below are treats, and which are tricks is up to you.

  • Now that the urban reserves are settled, Metro is considering an expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary [Ed: Link fixed] and is looking for community feedback. Ten areas are being considered. Industrial parcels up for consideration are North Hillsboro, Forest Grove North-Purdin , and SW Morgan/Tonquin in Tualatin. Residential parcels under consideration are South Cooper Mountain, South Hillsboro, SW Advance/SW Stafford in Wilsonville, East Cornelius, South Cornelius, Roy Rogers Road/W. Bull Mountain, and West Sherwood. Other than the Wilsonville tract, all ten parcels are in Washington County.
  • The Technical Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) is looking for three new community members. The committee, which advises JPACT on technical matters, includes several community posts. Selection to the committee is by appointment, interested parties may click the link.
  • In two-wheeled news, the City of Portland this past week approved the 50s Bikeway project, a 4.3 mile bikeway (some bike lanes, some bike bouleavards) running parallel to 52nd//53rd, between SE Woodstock and NE Thompson. The $1.5 million project will also include crossing upgrades at eight major intersections.
  • A brief reminder: Quite a few public meetings on the Southwest Corridor in October.
  • As mentioned in last month’s open thread, several notable national transit critics (Tom Rubin, Randall O’Toole, and Wendell Cox) will be joining John Charles at a CPI-sponsored event in Vancouver, entitled the “Free citizen education forum on Urban transportation and the CRC Light Rail Project“. Apparently, there is a fair bit of opinion in the ‘Couv that the CRC is first and foremost about light rail and not about freeway capacity, and the freeway stuff is being added as a sweetener to make light rail more palatable for the folks across the Columbia. Whether or not the phrase “CRC Light Rail Project” is an attempt to encourage this point of view, or an attempt to portray light rail as a separate project from the rest of the bridge, I’m not sure…

And now ’tis time to turn, as they say, into a pumpkin.

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