TriMet and germs

Much attention has been paid to reductions in TriMet’s security staff and the resulting increase in fare evasion. But according to Joseph Rose at The Oregonian, the busses are dirtier, too. Health experts indicate that bacteria levels on TriMet vehicles (particularly busses with cloth seats) are most likely not a health hazard, and the new busses on order for next year will have vinyl seats and thus have fewer places where nasties can hide.

6 responses to “TriMet and germs”

  1. I’ll tell ya where they DID NOT LOOK, the venting system!
    I will bet you that there are colonies of MOLD growing in the venting/heating systems.
    How do I know that?
    Cause every time I turn on the heaters I GAG!

    The new buses you can’t even open the windows, a wonderful idea to share everybody’s virus’s and bacterias.

  2. Joseph Rose, while “buses” is more widely used for the plural form of bus, “busses” is also completely acceptable (or should I call you Josseph Rosse?).

  3. You’ve got an extra “s” in “buses.”

    Here we go again… :-)

    Personally, I blame electrical engineers.

    Or as Buddy from Kids in the Hall would say, “Such a fuss over a few extra S’s!”. (But the full rant is NSFW so I’m not posting a link.)

  4. See, I read that you should never use “busses” because that is the plural of “buss”, meaning “kiss.”

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