Updated: Oregonian Sniffs CRC Money Trail

Updated: July 13

Steve Duin follows up with some choice perspectives.

Original Post: July 11

$130M so far. The spindoctoring is the most upsetting.

5 responses to “Updated: Oregonian Sniffs CRC Money Trail”

  1. and we ARE building a two-track/lane plus two 14′ wide multi-use path bridge for that cost over the Willamette.

    the cost of the CRC interchanges are mindboggling… highway engineers let run amok with their eisenhower-era traffic manuals.

  2. I’m not sure it’s a good thing to spend 130 million to come to the conclusion that the existing proposals are not viable.

    That’s 130 million dollars, after all. While better than spending billions on a new bridge, we’ve got to be careful on where dollars go.

    The CRC represents public process run amok.

  3. Millions spent not on engineering or estimating, but on “public outreach,” reaching out to the public to persuade us that this sow’s ear is a silk purse.

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