July 2011 Open Thread

July 2011 open thread

Well, we’re now halfway through 2011, and so time for another open thread.

The big news is that on July 1, the official groundbreaking for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project occurs; with construction already starting on the last day of June (Bob has the scoop) here, as does Joseph Rose at the Oregonian. In other business:

  • PBOT considering adding parking meters to Grand and MLK. Local business owners predictably unhappy at removal of city-subsidized free parking.
  • Metro has a new development project in East County.
  • “I’m tired of all these [expletive] scorpions on this [expletive] plane!”

Bob should be back soon with more coverage of the MLR groundbreaking–but remember; anything which is on topic is fair game in the open thread. Have a happy and prosperous Fourth!

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