Vancouver City Council Thinks CRC Light Rail is a Done Deal?

Based on the quotes in this Oregonian article, it would appear that the view is that the citizen vote in 2012 is about how to fund transit operations on the Columbia River Crossing, not whether to:

The C-Tran board of directors, which includes three Vancouver City Council representatives, has set a vote on the sales tax for August or November election in 2012. Construction on the project is slated to start in late 2013.

But Columbia River Crossing Director Nancy Boyd, who was appointed leader of the project May, said the decision to include light rail was made when a locally preferred alternative was adopted by all the project partners in 2008. If the sales tax ballot measure were to fail, she said, the project would have to work with C-Tran to come up with another plan to raise $2 to $3 million a year.

Other council members also said light rail has been part of the equation from the beginning.

“I’m sorry that it’s been interpreted that the vote on light rail funding is a vote on light rail, because I know of no one who has said that specifically,” Councilman Jack Burkman said.

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