Show Time for the CRC at Metro

This is going to be a big week for the Columbia River Crossing. Thursday at its 2pm regular meeting the Metro Council will vote on a resolution signing off that the project has met the conditions adopted by the Council in its approval of the Locally Preferred Alternative.

To many of us, it seems manifestly clear that it has not. But there is nonetheless a significant possibility that the Council will adopt the resolution. It may not be possible to change this, but the skeptics for this vision of the project believe it is vitally important to have a strong turnout in opposition. We’d like to at least make it a close vote.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has an action alert with all the details.

In related news, Representatives Lew Frederick and Ben Cannon have an op-ed on Oregon Live predicting dire environmental and human health impacts in North and Northeast Portland if this project is built.

If you don’t believe that, and buy into the idea that reducing congestion and speeding up the traffic will reduce emissions, I heartily recommend you check out this presentation from last Friday’s PSU Transportation Seminar looking at just that issue – that increased traffic volume may offset any emission savings from reducing congestion (stream the video, it’s worth it to see the charts).

And on an up note, PT reader Bill Badrick had his very different vision of the CRC selected as the cover of the Urban Land Institute’s annual infrastructure report.

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