June 2011 Open Thread

June 2011 open thread

Another month, another open thread. A few quick items.

  • Lane Transit District has appointed a new General Manager, one Ronald Kilcoyne, who will become the fifth GM in the agency’s 41-year history. Rather than promoting from within, as TriMet did one year ago, LTD imported their new boss from Connecticut. He takes over at at interesting time for the agency–the first two portions of the EmX BRT line have been well-received; the proposed third segment to West Eugene is, how shall we say it, controversial. On one inauspicious note, according to the press release, Mr. Kilcoyne receives, in addition to a salary of $150k per year, a “car allowance of $4,000”. OK…. at least Neil McFarlane actually bothers to ride the bus to work.
  • Oregon Transportation Commission vice-chairman Michael Nelson‘s term on the commission expires, creating a second vacancy on the board. Will Governor Kitzhaber re-appoint him, name someone else, or leave the seat vacant for a while?
  • Housing prices in Oregon continue to decline, reaching 2004 levels. One out of 500 homes in the metro area is in foreclosure or bank-owned. Housing inventories are still well above normal. Yet the cities of Tigard and Hillsboro want to expand the UGB this year; and in the case of Tigard, at least, it isn’t industrial land that they want.
  • Speaking of home ownership, xkcd on the perils thereof.
  • Metro is seeking public comment in June for the next round of flexible funds, about $22 million dollars.

But as always, you can talk about anything (on topic) which you like!

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