CRC Parking Spaces at $55K Each

The Columbian is reporting that the three park-and-ride structures for the Light Rail component of the Columbia River Crossing will cost $158M to $178M (divide that by the 2,890 spaces to get the cost per space).

That’s between 18 and 20% of the $850M cost of the Light Rail project.

“The structures themselves are literally warehouses for vehicles,” said Cortright, a consultant who is on the payroll of Plaid Pantry CEO and CRC opponent Chris Girard. “They tend to create dead zones around them.”

The Vancouver City Center Redevelopment Authority has also expressed its concern about the garages’ design, and this spring called for the garages to do more to stimulate redevelopment. Mayor Tim Leavitt wrote in May to say the city council also wants to see the parking garages used for more than cars.

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