Beginning of the Month CRC Update

Updated: And a little more going on… Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss has a cover story “A Bridge Too False” taking apart the main arguments for the Columbia River Crossing project.

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Lots going on…

  1. The good folks at the Sightline Institute want to know where the cars are, noting that traffic growth on the I-5 bridges seems to have stalled out, even before the economic downtown.
  2. Economist Joe Cortright notes the large number of park-and-ride spaces specified for Light Rail in Vancouver (2,900) and estimates a cost of up to $60M just for the parking.
  3. And speaking of Vancouver, the folks at are holding a public forum “Bridging the Gaps” on June 4th to discuss various topics around the project including “Spending Accountability” and “Transparency”.

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