A Great Time to Get a Transit Appliance

Not only have we just released a new version of software for the Transit Appliance, but to celebrate Fathers’ Day, Chumby Industries has put the Chumby 8 – the ideal platform for a countertop Transit Appliance – on sale for $149.95, $50 off its regular price.

Because we love our dads too, we’ll join in the spirit. If you purchase a Chumby 8 at the sale price, we’ll provide a USB drive with the configured software gratis. This offer is good anywhere in the TriMet service district. Just show us a copy of your Chumby receipt!

One response to “A Great Time to Get a Transit Appliance”

  1. Is it possible to make this a Debian package, so folks who are already running Debian and have a window near a transit stop can just set up another monitor to just display that for folks waiting near said window?

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