CRC Picks Managers

It appears that the Governors are serious about moving the Columbia River Crossing forward, but I still don’t see it happening until they pin down local match commitments from the respective legislatures.

Meanwhile the folks at Third Bridge Now tell me they have been busy lobbying at the Oregon Legislature with their alternative vision.

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  1. Thanks Chris! Our Preliminary Benefit Analysis is now on our web site. This analysis compares our project to the recommendations of previous transportation studies. It shows how we match up meeting those goals compared to CRC Locally Preferred Alternative. I have been enjoying Salem greatly and can tell you there is very little love for CRC as it stands now. They would love to hear different ways of going forward and put HJM-22 in to the revenue committee because it was going to die in committee and they didn’t want to be the ones….
    Please contact you elected officials and talk with them….

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