Transit Appliances Goes to School


When we first launched our 8-inch transit appliance in the real world, it was at a pub.

For the launch of our first big-screen appliance (36 inches in this case) we’re trying to be a little more serious – so we went to Portland State University. Pictured here is Dr. Chris Monsere standing next to our flat screen appliance, which is displayed through a window in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Lab on the 3rd floor of the PSU Engineering Building (1930 SW 4th Ave for those of you who want to go gawk). Our thanks to Dr. Monsere who provided both the space and the display itself.

Eventually the unit will move down to the lobby, probably with a bigger screen. For now I’m happy to have it associated with anything that includes “Intelligent” in the name.

The basic formula for these appliance is cheap Atom PC + custom Linux distribution for our appliance + monitor or HDTV of your choice (anything that has an HDMI, DVI or VGA input is fair game). This combination couples with the same JavaScript display platform and back-end configuration system as our smaller units.

You can’t really read the display through the window glare in the photo, so to see what it looks like, check after the jump.