Crunch Time for the CRC in Salem?

It’s an interesting time for the Columbia River Crossing in Salem, a venue where the Legislature as yet to EVER take a vote on this project. Perhaps that time will come soon. On tap this week:

  • The Governors of Oregon and Washington are about to announce a bridge type selection and a plan for keeping the project on schedule
  • Legislative leadership is apparently concerned that HJM 22, a resolution calling for Federal spending on the CRC (while not committing any local dollars), may not have have support on the House floor, so it is being shuttled from committee to committee at the moment.
  • The Washington Legislature is preparing to commit another $25M to the project. They had also contributed the most recent $25M, so they will now be looking for an Oregon match of $50M. Will ODOT go to the Legislature for this, or will they take it from their existing budget, at the expense of other projects in the state?
  • Steve Duin shares the concerns of two legislators who also happen to be CPAs

Interesting times…

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