A New Transit Appliance and a Deal for Some Intrepid Reader

Our go-to device for our nascent Transit Appliance project has been the Insignia Infocast, a version of the Chumby platform marketed by Best Buy.

Sadly Best Buy has discontinued the Infocast.

But the good news is that we have a new contender, the Chumby 8, by Chumby Industries. It’s slightly more expensive ($199) but we received our first Chumby 8 last week and were gratified to find that it was 100% software-compatible with everything we’ve developed to date.

So we’re on a path to a rollout with Chumby 8s (stay tuned). Meanwhile, we have one last Infocast test unit in our inventory, and we’d like to move it out.

So here’s the one-time opportunity: we’ll provide a fully configured Infocast Transit Appliance, installed at your location (in the greater Portland area – you provide the network connection, wired or wifi) for $150 – a price not likely to be seen again soon.

First come, first served! Who’d like to seize the opportunity?

Contact me at webmaster@portlandtransport.com

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